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The Philippines (also known as Pilipinas and Filipino :), is legitimately the democracy of the Philippines (Republikang Pilipinas; RP). The country is an archipelagic place that is located towards Southeast Asia having Manila as its capital. The archipelago Philippine comprises of more than 7,107 islands located towards the western Pacific Ocean that borders some major countries including Republic of China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Palau. Philippines is said to be the only Southeast Asian country which shares no land borders at all with its neighbours.

Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Ayurveda (traditional Medicine) Homeopathy Paramedical sciences, Management and Technology education are some of the fields which are extremely popular in Philippines. The motive behind setting up Study MBBS Philippines was to render assistance to the students who wish to study in Philippines. We help the students in getting better and high quality education in the best Philippine University. Study MBBS Philippines guides students to get their admission confirmed in an advanced country – Philippines and in many other nations. We aim at helping the students in transforming them from abled learners to specialists. Our dedicated team is expected to serve all students with great respect, enthusiasm and generosity.

To study in a huge country like Philippine is dream for many students are we are here to help such students in fulfilling their dreams. Study MBBS Philippines helps students from all countries from the time the student’s dreams to take admission in Philippine Universities till the time; he completes his education in the country. Nowadays, education has become a very crucial part of every student’s life. With the growing competition, it is getting difficult to get admission in the top Universities especially in countries like Philippines. Hence, it is extremely important that the students must choose a reliable source that can help them in all procedures. We help our students in not only getting their admission confirmed in any of the major Philippine University but also in services like visa procedures, affordable accommodation, airport pick up, consultancy, tips to get involved in the new environment and culture easily, finance, scholarship and banking services and a lot more.

Study MBBS In Philippines In Lowest Tuition Fees

MBBS Admission in Philippines in Low tuition fees for Indian Students. Mbbs in Philippines – Get Admission in Top Medical Universities of Philippines at affordable tuition fees, Enquire Now!!! Philippines is rising fast as a perfect destination of technological, cultural and educational hub. More and more students each year are enrolling for medical courses in Philippines. Earlier, the popularity laid with China, Russia and Ukraine.

However, the focus has shifted now and here are reasons:-


This is undoubtedly the first question that arises in the minds of students and their parents when thinking of studying abroad. Philippines is much more affordable when it comes to yearly fees of the universities, cost of living as well as other miscellaneous expenses as compared to countries like Ukraine, Russia and China. The average yearly fee for any medical course in the Philippines is $3700 while that in the other countries ranges between $3900 and $5000.


By virtue of remaining a U.S. colony for nearly 50 years, Philippines has adapted well both to the American culture and the language. As a result of this, English is what most people especially in urban areas speak, apart from Filipino. The medium of teaching is also English thus enabling students from abroad to easily follow the lessons. However those appearing for medical courses in other languages universities need to appear for a competency test in these languages. Locals do not speak English fluently, many cannot speak it altogether. Students from abroad find it difficult to communicate with classmates, patients and locals.


Philippines is the largest provider of medical trained nurses and doctors to the U.S.A, Canada and many other countries thus giving an assurance of jobs and the level of trust other countries have on students who have passed out of Philippine universities. There is no such alumina or strong base of links between for MBBS in Europe, China, Ukraine and Russia for sending their students to other countries to work as doctors or nurses.


Travel and commuting in general are difficult in Russia, China and Ukraine. This is all the more owing to their language barriers. Add to this are the legal complications and formalities related to visas. Tourism is also not equally developed in all parts of these countries. However, Philippines survives on a large extent on tourism and hence, travelling here is not just fun but also affordable and varied. On one hand, you will have the option of relaxing in a resort and at the same time getting tanned at a beach or hiking a volcano. Transportation is adequate and smooth for those willing to explore.


Unlike the extremes of temperatures as in Russia, Philippines has a tropical climate which allows everyone to roam around freely and not feel harrowed down. The months of maximum heat, that is between March and May remain holidays. Since this is a Catholic country, Christmas and other major Catholic celebration days are all holidays across the country.

Why Philippines Is Better For Medical Education?

So long people were only aware of Soviet Russia and China for provision of affordable and good system of medical education. However, Philippines is also rising as one of the top places for providing high quality medical education, at par with the degrees awarded by the universities of the U.S.A and the U.K. Students get the degree of Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) which is equivalent to that of the M.B.B.S of any university in the U.S.A or the U.K. The five year professional course enables students to learn both practical aspect of medicine as well as the theoretical side of it, gearing them up for licensure exam for doctors in the country.


The biggest advantage that the medical courses of Philippines offer is their cheap rates as compared to the same degrees in other countries such as Ukraine, Russia, etc. The average total tuition fees for medical courses in Philippines is between $28,000 and $30,000.


English and Filipino are the two major languages spoken in Philippines and in the urban areas, it is the former which is massively used. All educational institutions, particularly the medical schools impart education through the English language. This makes it equally comfortable for someone arriving from the U.K. to someone arriving from India.


The degrees offered by the medical schools in Philippines are recognised by international bodies such as the WHO, ECFMG, USA and IMED, making it a profitable and worthwhile venture for students. The medical institutions of the country are among the top 200 institutes of the whole of Asia and have the friendliest and helpful staff and the latest technology required in teaching medicine. The system and pattern of education followed in these universities is based on the U.S. model of teaching thus ensuring an advanced and scientific way too. Those interested in pursuing higher education in the medical sciences can also get easy opportunities to study elsewhere such as in the U.K., Canada, U.S.A. and others once they complete their education in the Philippines. On completing their MD course here, students can also apply for doctors’ licensure exams, work as interns or start practising in the country itself. They can also return to their own countries and start practising as MBBS graduates or pursue higher education.


Philippines is a fast developing, globalised country where everyone finds it easy to fit in. The climate is tropical and the beaches are the most attractive places for holidays. There is the widespread presence of international brands and one can find everything he or she needs in most areas, especially in urban conglomerates such as Metro Manila or even smaller places like Cebu. The cities and towns are equipped with all the latest amenities of transportation, leisure and luxury, healthcare and more. Located at little distances away are natural locales which offer serene beauty to the sore eyes during weekends and longer holidays.


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